Life After America – A Short Film

silhoute S_B_J_

Trailer Coming Soon!

A motorbike-trip through Cambodia’s countryside goes awry, and tests the friendship of two Philadelphians deported from their city of brotherly love.

Rom Tim aka Buccy Billionz – As Bucc
Sammy Sim – As Sam
Ms. Tem Chanthy – As Lil Mama
Neak Sinourn – Teacher
Chea Sreynith – Schoolgirl
Gnel Ruon Reaksa – Schoolgirl
Houn Sokhany – Schoolgirl
Houn Sophon – Schoolboy
Huon Srey Mei – Schoolgirl
Kea Davin – Schoolboy
Kea Davit – Schoolboy
Mith Samnang – Schoolboy
Neang Chat – Schoolboy
Ngel Ruon Roka – Schoolboy
Ngeth Kropom – Schoolgirl
Ni Vanna – Schoolgirl
Nin Rachna – Schoolgirl
Nuon Srey Nich – Schoolgirl
Ping Srey Neth – Schoolgirl
Rum Visal – Schoolboy
Run Akara – Schoolboy
Seng Kav Narin – Schoolgirl
Sim Sarath – Schoolboy
Sim Srey Nan – Schoolgirl
Uk Srey Yan – Schoolgirl
Yan Kakada – Schoolboy

Lia Johnson – Director/Writer/Producer
Gerald “JC” Crump – Producer
Christine Ellis – Writer
Jeff Wong – Director of Photography
Brett Rogstad – Gaffer/Grip/Additional Camera
Abhinav Mellacheruvu – 1st AC
Shane Logue – Sound
Joant Ubeda – Sound
Sam Morgan – Grip
Dara Ra – Lighting Man
Leang Sna – Lighting Man
Sok Chhai – Lighting Man
Rithea Phichith – Grip
Sok Dy – Gaffer/Grip
Rath Rott Mony – Translator
Sok Doeun – Driver and Generator
Kay Tha – Van Driver
Sopheap Kim – Driver
Ethan Page – Still Photographer
Kyle Haskett – Editor

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