Loose, Keep It Tight – A Short Film

01 LKIT still

A young exotic dancer finds herself pregnant by an abusive boyfriend and tries to get a friend, the bouncer at the club, to help her raise the child.

Jessie – Adrienne Bengtsson
Keith – DazMann Still
Angie – Brieonna Croston
Carla – Sarah Saltonstall
Gunner – Sonny Stillman
Damien – Damien Palacios
Mom – Phyllis Johnson
Girl – Beena Recoura-Massaquant

Lia Johnson – Director/Writer/Producer
Matte Chi – Director of Photography
Brian Hastert – FTVC Supervising Director
Josh Bradford – FTVC Production Manager
Isabel Cervantes – Production Manager
Matt Carlin – Production Designer
Alec Addalia – Art Department
Gianni Carson – Grip/Lights/AC
Sam Martin – Sound
Megan Mckay – Sound
Courtney Smith – Costume

Special Thanks
Brian Hastert
Matte Chi
Damien Palacios
Roy Clovis
Miguel Melendez
Phyllis Johnson
Beena Recoura-Massaquant